Determine Student's True Reading Level

School grades may not accurately reflect true reading grade levels. Our adaptive diagnostic test (Common Core aligned) gauges skills across six domains and provides a true measurement of reading grade level.

Establish Six Month Proficiency Plan

We estimate the total number of study hours required to read at grade level, or beyond, if preferred. We then provide families with a suggested study plan for manageable weekly goals.

Virtual Classes
Personal Coaches

With access to virtual classrooms and your very own Personal Learning Coach to provide ongoing progress reports and feedback - we support and walk alongside you until your student's reading goal is achieved.


Home Teacher Plan - Powers Students To Success!

Luminary Education StudentA new era in educational technology has created “smart” and engaging online curriculum which students are utilizing to achieve accelerated academic gains. While this revolutionary curriculum is being utilized in reading and math, Luminary Education (“Luminary”) targets reading literacy as the centerpiece of its academic program.

Luminary has created a breakthrough educational model called the Home Teacher Program - simple, easy-to-use, it has been carefully designed to bring a student’s reading proficiency to grade level within six months or less. After taking a reading diagnostic test, students are provided with an estimated number of practice hours required to reach proficiency, then a suggested weekly study plan in order to attain grade proficiency within six months or less (the “Proficiency Plan”). For more advanced students, the Home Teacher Program will estimate total practice hours required, then suggest a weekly study plan to raise their reading above grade level.

Luminary’s Home Teacher Program also provides students with daily access to a virtual classroom, in which a live teacher can answer questions which may arise. Finally, every parent and student is assigned a Personal Learning Coach who provides timely data, feedback, progress reports, tips and text/email/telephone commuications to ensure that your student is efficiently tracking toward its six month goal of reading proficiency.

While the Home Teacher Program features award winning educational software, we don’t provide you with a user name and password and wish you luck. We support you with virtual classrooms and teachers and Personal Learning Coaches who work with you, every step of the way, to ensure your student’s success. The Home Teacher Program is a full-service package that “wraps around” and supports our online curriculum to ensure that your student attains his/her proficiency goal!

Take control of the quality of your student’s education. Begin your student’s six months reading Proficiency Plan, at a fraction of what you would pay traditional tutors, by enrolling in the Home Teacher Program today.

Sample Reading Diagnostic Test Report


Summary - this 4th grade student’s reading diagnostic test placed her overall at a 3rd grade proficiency level. Software will ignore phonological awareness and high frequency words (in which student tested out) and assimilate customized learning curriculum which focuses initially on phonics (in which she scored at a 2nd grade level), then vocabulary and comprehension (in which she scored at a 3rd grade level). Goal is to bring all key components of reading up to 4th grade proficiency level (as measured against Common Core Standards) within 6 months or less.

How It Works

Register for Reading
Diagnostic Test

We Immediately Provide You With

Simple Test Taking Instructions

Personal Learning Coach
Contacts Parent

Your Personal Learning Coach telephones

you to review test scores, what they mean,

and outline your student's six month

reading "Proficiency Plan"

Six Month Proficiency
Home Teacher Program


Sign Up Your Student to Begin Reading

Curriculum, Access to Full Support Services,

and Advancing Toward Proficiency

$129 Summer Program Special

1/2 Grade Advance - 30 Days*

Home Teacher Program Pricing

Six Months to Reading Proficiency

Diagnostic Test


$49 - Limited Time!

Tests across Common Core domains

and provides benchmark of student's

true grade reading level

Monthly Program Fee

$79 - First Child

$69Each Add'l Child

Includes unlimited individualized curriculum

access, virtual classroom access, your own

Personal Learning Coach, ongoing student

progress reports, text/email/phone

communications, full support to proficiency

Six Month Program Advance

$474 $379 - First Child

$414 $331 - Each Add'l Child

Receive a 20% discount when

you sign up for the Six Month

Home Teacher Program

Home Teacher Program Services

Young Student Virtual Learning

When you enroll your student in the Home Teacher Program six month Proficiency Plan you are subscribing to a full service and support program that walks you and your student through the process of achieving reading proficiency success and in the convenience of your home. Click below for a full description of the Home Teacher Program services.