The Home Teacher Program Story

Luminary Education’s founder, Dean Lovett, is a parent who began researching how best to supplement the education of his children in early 2016. After more than a decade of contracting traditional tutors, Mr. Lovett became disenchanted with the informal and endless process of traditional tutoring. Typically, traditional tutoring provides no objective system by which to address a student’s specific academic weaknesses and, by nature, has no predicted termination date. Mr. Lovett became convinced that advances in today's technology and personalized learning software must provide better solutions for an effective tutoring program.

After months of researching the latest advances in the field of education, Mr. Lovett uncovered educational software and technology which are changing the educational landscape forever. New computer adaptive diagnostic software provides granular detail of a student’s academic weaknesses, then generates unique learning curriculum targeted to such weaknesses. Today’s video/audio technology platforms allow students and teachers to meet in virtual classrooms across all geographic boundaries. The realization that advanced educational testing and curriculum software could be combined with virtual classrooms and support services to drive accelerated academic gains within homes and was the birth of Luminary Education and its Home Teacher Program.

As a part of leveraging today’s educational technology, Mr. Lovett believes that academic gains can and should be quantified, targeted and systematically measured. Thus, he incorporated the Proficiency Plan, as part of the Home Teacher Program, in which a student’s total curriculum practice hours to proficiency are estimated, then a weekly study plan is provided to students in order to obtain reading proficiency within six months or less. We believe that attaining reading proficiency during a student’s elementary years is the key to a student’s attaining their full long-term academic potential.