Out Of School Programs

If interested in starting an out of school tutoring program (after school and/or summer) Luminary offers consulting and support services. If you currently operate an out of school tutoring program, but desire to structure and maximize the academic gains experienced by participating students, please give us a call.

As a way of giving back to the community, Luminary is coming alongside non-profit organizations, particularly those serving Title I students, in creating, structuring, implementing and managing todays most academically advanced out of school tutoring programs for students grades K-5. Luminary structures an enhanced objective program which administers computer adaptive diagnostic testing, structured weekly practice of individualized learning curriculum, and ongoing objective diagnostic testing to measure academic progress. For many non-profit out of school programs, Luminary’s objective measurements of academic gains may assist in providing the data required to demonstrate the validity of their tutoring program to private donors and/or public funding agencies.

Academic Results Achieved - In late 2016, Luminary established a structured computer lab environment at an after-school facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, and began supervising 3rd and 4th grade students in their consistent use of personalized learning curriculum. After approximately a three month period, Luminary re-administered the reading diagnostic test for all students who had practiced curriculum for 10 or more hours. The results were impressive: the average student had increased their overall reading level approximately one grade!

Out Of School Tutoring Programs

If you have a heart to provide after-school tutoring to students in your community who desperately need assistance, or you currently operate a program but desire a clear structure to maximize and objectively measure academic gains, please contact Dean Lovett and discuss how to make this dream a reality.

Out of school programs generally strive to provide a safe and caring environment, healthy food/snacks, mentoring and educational enrichment. Luminary specializes in taking the educational enrichment component of such programs to a new level and is here to assist you.