Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Luminary method work?

The Luminary process begins with two computer adaptive Common Core aligned diagnostic tests – one in English and one in Math.  These tests are taken online by the student and identify areas of strength and weakness in a student’s academic foundation.  Individualized online curriculum is then provided which targets specific areas of academic weakness.  Weekly, students spend time online working their Math and English customized curriculum, then reviewing their work with a tutor during an online video teaching session. Our goal is to “repair academic foundations” and create independent learners within a reasonably short period of time.


Why should I worry about “foundational weaknesses?”

Foundational weaknesses (those occurring during elementary years) impair a student’s ability to further advance and accelerate his/her education through high school and beyond.  For example, a fourth grader who has never learned long-division and decimal point placement will have difficulty with Math in every subsequent grade before these skills are mastered.


How many hours of extra work are recommended each week?

Forty five (45) minutes in Math, forty-five (45) in English and a forty-five (45) minute tutoring session. However, students can make significant progress with a smaller time commitment - say ½ of the aforementioned.  Students can also make greatly accelerated progress by allocating more than the recommended amount of time.


How will the Luminary method benefit my student?

Luminary endeavors to repair the foundational weaknesses, such that your student can become and independent life-long learner capable of excelling at all levels.


What equipment do we need?

You’ll need a good computer with video/audio capabilities; a headset, and a good broadband connection.


What subjects does Luminary tutor?

We specialize in Math and English.  A mastery of these two subjects spills over into virtually all other academic subjects.


How do I get a tutor?

Luminary will assign you a qualified, credentialed and experienced tutor.  If unsatisfied after one or two sessions (for whatever reasons), Luminary will find a replacement tutor.


Can I schedule a session with a tutor?

Yes, if you will email with a requested tutoring time and date (at least 48 hours in advance) we will attempt to accommodate your time and day requested.  Our tutoring hours are Monday – Friday, 3PM to 8PM; Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM.


How do I contact customer support?

Email or telephone us directly.


How long will my student need to participate in the Luminary program?

Time varies depending upon the student, extent of academic weaknesses and future academic goals.


What grade levels do you tutor?

Luminary specializes in grades K-8, those years when a student’s academic foundation are being formed.


Is online tutoring really effective?

Online tutoring is extremely effective and is here to stay.  An increasing number of students prefer online tutoring to traditional tutoring.  It is convenient, flexible, can occur anywhere one has a computer and wi-fi connection, and provides an experience similar to, or better than, an in-person tutoring experience.


What is a shared electronic whiteboard?

An electronic whiteboard is a white rectangular area on a computer screen, on which one can write or draw utilizing a digital pencil.  A digital writing pad (a tablet with a digital pencil) is used to simulate the experience of writing with a pencil.