Home Teacher Plan

When you enroll your student in the Home Teacher Program six month Proficiency Plan you are subscribing to a full service and support program that walks you and your student through the process of achieving reading proficiency success and in the convenience of your home. Read below for a full description of the Home Teacher Program services.

Beginning With The Reading Diagnostic Test

The computer adaptive diagnostic test will test your student in the Common Core domains of Phonics, Phonological awareness, High-Frequency Words, Vocabulary, Literature Comprehension, and Informational Text Comprehension. Each diagnostic test is unique because the adaptive software provides more difficult or less difficult questions for each question answered correctly or incorrectly in a question/answer continuum. Dynamically adaptive reading assessments can more efficiently identify a student’s reading needs as compared to traditional fixed-form tests.

The results of the adaptive reading diagnostic tests are then utilized to create customized online curriculum which especially targets those weaknesses identified in the diagnostic. For example, if a 3rd grade student is strong in Phonics, but weak in Reading Comprehension skills, the software will generate assignments at a higher level in Phonics and a lower level in Reading Comprehension.

Thus, reading diagnostic tests are unique, and the assigned curriculum for each student is unique as well.

Engaging, Interactive Curriculum

Upon taking the reading diagnostic test, the student is introduced to a highly acclaimed award winning Common Core aligned educational curriculum. This curriculum provides engaging, animated characters who “walk” the students through instructions and “follow” them through assignments. Students remain productively engaged throughout the learning experience with real world examples, cartoon characters, interesting stories, exciting graphics, fun games, eye-opening simulations, powerful animations, and meaningful interactions. The curriculum also offers frequent interactivity, immediate/corrective feedback, real world applications, and requires deep conceptual understandings, the exercise of critical thinking, problem solving and discovery.

Struggling students work on skills to build proficiency and perform successfully at their grade-level and beyond. On-grade level students engage more deeply in the skills they need to excel beyond their current grade level. Advanced students work on their own path toward even greater academic excellence.

As your child succeeds with the Home Teacher Program, his/her confidence and learning motivation will increase along with their grades!

Virtual Classroom and Teachers

As a full-service reading proficiency program, HTP provides virtual classrooms which are staffed by qualified teachers and made available to students each day.

Should a student have any questions regarding reading diagnostic tests or practice curriculum, he/she can simply click on the “Enter Classroom” button on Luminary’s website and be connected immediately with an virtual teacher. Our qualified teachers are here to answer questions, provide tips, guidelines and encouragement, and ensure your student’s daily progress and ultimate success.

Your Personal Learning Coach

Once your student has completed the diagnostic test and embarks on his/her weekly study curriculum, the Home Teacher Program assigns you a Personal Learning Coach who will come alongside you and your student by providing the following ongoing services:

  1. Monitoring the student’s weekly work progress
  2. Weekly student progress reports via text or email to parents
    Such Progress Reports will note: time practiced by domain (e.g. vocabulary, comprehension); assignments passed or failed; possible problematic areas; and, measures of academic improvement
  3. Feedback and tips regarding how the caregiver (“Student Coach”) can encourage and motivate its student to achieve maximum results in minimal time
  4. Reschedule diagnostic tests, as needed
  5. Telephone Student Coaches, as needed, to address student progress and tracking toward reading proficiency within the six month goal.

Student Coach - That’s You!

Parents will receive video and other instruction regarding how to coach their student toward accelerated success. No, we don’t expect you to be a teacher – far from it! The uniquely customized online curriculum and our virtual teachers will do the heavy lifting. However, you are the one at home with your student and you are the one who will set-up a structured, quiet work environment, then encourage your student along the way. Don’t worry! We provide you with a video tutorial, then ongoing feedback and tips so you can supervise, mentor, and encourage your kid all the way to a huge academic victory. The game is worth the candle and this a win you will enjoy together – a BIG win!